Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs Signs Everywhere There's Signs

I installed a mailbox in the dog yard to hold gloves and bags to pick up poop. I made this sign for the front.

Because boys will be boys and dogs like to drink out of the toilet I made this sign for my toilets.
OK I admit I'm a strange one!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Totem Pole Cacti & Lady Slippers

I dug up the Cassia that was along the pool wall because it was straggly and constantly dropping leaves, flowers or seeds into the pool. Along the pool wall and in the pot by the pool I planted Totem Pole Cacti and Lady Slippers. Once the Cacti get taller it will be a nice composition with the lady slippers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel: Combined Posts

2MAR2009 Original Post:

Whew! After 2 months the upstairs bathroom remodel is done. The only thing left to do is to install the shower door (ordered today) and later install a skylight. The transformation is dramatic but like always we have to start with the ugly before pictures. I did ALL the work myself. The only help I had was to carry the toilet upstairs.

This is the original lovely vanity with it's purplish pink tiles, the classic 80's builder special vanity light and the gold and chrome faucet. The floor was tile with pink hues.
This is the original corner cabinet. The cabinetry is made to be "cowboy" rustic and then rubbed with pink paint to fill in the rough depressions.
Detail of original southwest cabinet texture.
and then there is the 80's gold shower doors for the little fiberglass stall.
The toilet was another cheap builders special.
I even found out that they filled in an insulation gap with newspaper - nice.

By now you might be wondering why I would want to rip all of this fabulousness out - just kidding.

In Progress Work.
I ripped everything out except for the corner cabinet. I completely replaced all the copper pipe in the bathroom and installed new shower and faucet valves. I built a wall for the sink area.
Both ABS and PVC pipe were used for the sewage (who knows why). I also had to fix the electrical junction boxes and add one for the light fixture. I installed new insulation.
The shower area with the backerboard installed. The shower walls and entire bathroom floor were later covered with Schluter Kerdi membrane to form a waterproof barrier. The Schluter Shower System was used for the shower bed and drain.The sink wall.
The AFTER pictures: (I bet you couldn't wait.)

I tiled the walls in rows of different heights to prevent monotony but it also meant I had to do a lot of cutting.
I installed a Kohler Cimarron 1-piece toilet and changed the handle to match the other fixtures.
Jim insisted on having "first pee" to mark his territory.This is the niche on the toilet side of the shower wall. I bought the fossil at the gem & mineral show.
This is the Kichler light fixture. The mirror is made from the door on the old vanity cabinet.
This is the shower stall area.
The shower floor.
The sink wall.
The sink is from Italian manufacturer Catalano and sold in the US by Hastings (model C3-70)[I used a point a shoot camera that probably has a dirty lens and you can see some faint white spots in this picture and the one below of the cabinet and Fringe - These are not features of the bathroom.]

Detail of stack stone.
Corner cabinet refinished. Wood slats on door removed and replaced with solid piece. I added rod pull handles.
Floor and tile to wood floor transition.
All accessories are brushed nickel finish. I installed a towel bar, towel ring, robe hook and toilet paper holder. I also bought towels. I painted the ceiling Behr Classic Taupe and the walls Warm Earth.
Natural stone was used. Travertine for the walls and floor and multicolor stone for the shower floor, inside the niches and the stack stone on the sink wall and front of shower divider ans threshold. Rounded travertine pencil edge was used to cap off the half wall and the baseboards o the painted walls.

The total supply cost came in around $5K ($4994.99 to be exact). My labor was free.

8MAR2009 Update:
I received and installed the shower door for the upstairs bathroom. It is a Kohler Pivot clear glass door from the Purist series.
I added a vertical accent piece to corner of the sink wall and made my own reed diffuser. I also added a brushed SS soap dispenser.

The Cost:
Free Labor
5028.87 fixtures, tile, building materials, accessories