Saturday, July 9, 2011

Under Bar Sink Plumbing

After I ripped out the old cabinets, I reconfigured the plumbing under the bar sink to accommodate the Hot & Cold for the Sink, to run a cold line to the aquarium sump for evaporation top offs, and cold water to the under cabinet freezer ice maker, and cold water for refilling my aquarium for water changes. I don't use the ice maker however the connections are there but not connected to the line. When I have to add water to my aquarium the hose is right there ready to go with a nice big handled ball valve and when I'm done it coils back up onto a paper towel holder arm. The valves for the sink hot and cold and for the aquarium and ice maker lines are all nice 1/4 turn ball valves - the only way to go.

New Laundry Room Exterior Door

     I replaced the laundry room exterior door.  I put window film on the glass to cut UV (Don't want to fade the Spinone Revolution Poster I made.) and reduce heat. I still need to finish the frame around the door on the inside - but first I need to finish the laundry room tile and slate baseboards. I will also put slate around the door frame. Amazingly, I got Jim to help bring the door in and hold it up while I leveled everything and got the initial screws in to hold it in place. I greatly appreciated his help. His policy is that I am to never ask him to help with manual labor on MY projects. I painted, stained and polyurethaned the door in place since it is an exterior out-swing the rod in the hinges do not come out and I didn't want to remove the hinges from the frame.
     I initially planned to hang the door myself, then decided to pay someone but he never got back to me soon enough so I went ahead an did the work myself (Easy to do and really not worth paying someone else).  Since I still have the exterior door down to the garage to hang, the money I saved can buy me a new tool or two :-). Of course Jim said I could give it to him for his labor.

Exterior: Sideways blowing monsoon rain and winds has already gotten the outside dirty. I installed window film on the glass panes to block UV and reduce heat when the early morning sun hits the window. I didn't want to fade the Spinone Revolution Poster that I made hanging in the laundry room.

Interior: (Still tiling the floor & baseboards so I haven't done around the door frame.)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bar Area Remodel

I ripped out the old bar cabinets and replaced them with solid Cherry slab doors and face-frames and solid plywood bases. I installed a new sink and bar faucet. I put in another electrical outlet for the Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer drawers. The granite is 1 1/4" (3cm) thick slab of Santa Venetia discussed in an earlier post. I has a simple yet contemporary double eased edge put on the granite.

Granite Detail: (bluish line in the upper left is a reflection from the aquarium lights)
Drawer/Door Solid Slab Detail: