Saturday, June 30, 2007

Upstairs TV Room

Upstairs - Office, TV Room, Extra Room

The upstairs area above the garage consists of three living areas and a bathroom. I created a TV Room, Office and an extra room that can double as an extra guest room and space for working on projects.

TV Area Before:

The upstairs area above the garage had a floor to ceiling mirrored wall I took down and then refinished the wall. I painted the TV room newport blue.

TV Room

Monday, June 25, 2007

House Numbers & Minor Stuff

House Numbers:
I replaced the Mexican tile house numbers at the street, driveway fork and at the house with more contemporary satin nickel numbers on slate.
Before Example:

At House:

At Fork:

At Road:

Garage Stairwell After:
Wall Harvest Brown, Ceiling White

Hallway Sconces:


Paint Colors

Here are the Paint Colors I have used. The on screen colors are not true but it gives an idea of the overall palette used throughout the house.

These are Behr Flat Enamel
Mississippi Mud (living room fireplace column)

Harvest Brown (living room walls, garage stairwell)

Gobi Desert (upstairs bedroom area, master bedroom & bath)

Iced Tea (kitchen, laundry room, bar area)

Newport Blue (upstairs office & TV room)

Restful (guest bedroom)

This one is Behr Porch & Deck Low Lustre Enamel
Rocky Creek (garage cabinets)

This is Rustoleum
Dark Anodized Bronze (living room vents, wall plates, outlet covers, fireplace grills)

2 Dog Dogport Conceptual Plan

Fringe & Cazie (who comes over on weekdays to be with Fringe for doggie daycare) need a shelter to get out of the rain in the dog yard. They have shade all day but no rain shelter. Below are pictures showing my dogport concept I plan to build. The initial ground breaking has begun to start the footer. The side walls and center column will be out of sump block to match the house. The roof will be metal over two 1/4 in plywood with insulating foam in between. It is not shown but there will be a vent just under the roof on each side.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Living Room and Fireplace

The living room also includes the bar area and fish tank area shown on the last post.
Here are the before pictures of the living room and fireplace:

Fireplace closeup:

I painted the wall Harvest Brown and the fireplace column Mississippi Mud (both Behr flat enamel). The lights, wall & outlet plates, vents were all painted dark anodized brown. I replaced all the light switches with the same kind since the original ones seemed to consist of every possible type and style you can buy. I still need to paint a couple of the track lights.

The bottoms of all window ledges were tiled with slate.

The old mexican tile was removed from the fireplace and replaced with multicolor slate. I replaced the kitsch southwest themed fireplace grills with grills from Reggio Register.

Originally 2 coax cables and a phone line were just coming out of the fireplace wall. I installed a plate for these.

Speaking of "Kitsch", my goal is to take this house which is oozing with southwest themes to the point of nausea and convert it into a more contemporary place. Tip for others: "Just because a house is in Tucson, AZ or anywhere in the southwest, it doesn't have to have southwestern themed decoration."

Kicthen, Laundry Room, Bar Area

Kitchen & Laundry Room
The first project was to paint the laundry room and kitchen. Here is the before picture.

The after pictures are quite dramatic. I painted the ceiling flat ultra pure white and the wall are iced tea (Behr flat enamel). The paint is an orange red but not as bright as it appears in the pictures. I also replaced the outlet covers and wall plates with satin nickel plates and refinished the air vent a stainless steel color. I still need to replace the wall ovens.
Laundry Room:

Wall between laundry room and kitchen:

Kitchen: (Notice I also painted the track lights a dark anodized bronze)

View of kitchen from living room:

Bar Area of Living Room
The original bar area is shown below:

There was some water damaged drywall in the bar area. I repaired all of the damage. The original back splash was damaged so I replaced it with a multicolor slate back splash. I also replaced the travertine around the skylight with slate and had a Huper Optik Drei UV and heat blocking window film installed on the skylight. The bar area is painted Iced Tea like the kitchen and laundry room. Here are my changes:

You may have noticed the living room area has also changed. That will be the topic of the next posting.

The New House

This is the initial posting for the Adventures at Lazy C blog. Lazy C is my new House. My two main requirements were 1) No HOA (Home Owner's Assoc. ) Nazi's and 2) Out in the natural desert. The Lazy C house meets these as well as everything else I wanted... land, magnificent views, wildlife, NOT a Frame Stucco Yuk-o, and more. The house is located in the Tucson Mountains west of town.

Built 1980 2700 sq. ft
4.05 acres land (natural Sonoran desert)
Pool & Spa
Lots of covered porches
Unique - not cookie cutter house
no HOA, no deed restrictions
Horse Stables & corral - good place for future workshop

The house needs some maintenance and repairs - some to fix previous repairs that were not done properly. I will be posting my adventures in painting, repairing, redoing, etc. I moved in on April 3rd 2007 so I have already done lots of things but have been too busy to spare time to set up a blog and make posts, so I will be posting before and after pics of the work I have completed as well as present and future activities.

Front view

Stables, corral, tack room & hay shed

View from bottom of driveway