Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hall bathroom remodel conceptual design & before pictures

I have ripped out everything in the hall bathroom and I'm now ready to begin construction to build my new bathroom design. Here is the conceptual design and the items I bought for the bathroom.

Conceptual Design (click to enlarge):

New purchases (click to enlarge):
It is generally my policy not to post the before pictures until the entire project is finished so I can post them along with the after pictures. Since this project will take a while I made an exception.

The old 1980 bathroom - lumpy tile with hand painted humming birds and bougainvillea, gold fixtures, and an old toilet (the candles were left by previous owners). No one who has ever seen the bathroom in person likes it and they understand why I wanted to redo it.

I saved the above 3 tiles. The old original saltillo tile is an inch thick so until I replace the rest of the floor tile in the house there will be a drop down into the bathroom.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Tree for the Dog Yard

I added a thornless chilean mesquite to the dog yard. Ultimately once it and the desert willow get big to match the existing mesquite the dog yard should have lots of canopy shade. I ended up paying the nursery guy to come out and dig the hole because my lower back was sore from jack hammering and shoveling trying to dig and Bob agreed to help but at his pace it might not be planted until December.
Fringe and Jackhammer added for scale. You can see the pile of rocks that was jack hammered out. There is another pile of rocks outside the field-of-view (FOV).