Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gong Painted

I use a gong hanging by the front door as my door bell (Javanese gong and mallet are from It came as unfinished metal and I left it that way but it started to rust too much. High winds would also bang it up against the block wall and column and rain would collect in the bottom. I drilled a drainage hole in the bottom and two holes on the lower sides so rope could also run from the sides holding it in place to prevent it from banging against the block wall and column. I then painted it with Rustoleum Copper Hammered spray paint. I epoxied two eye hooks into the block wall to tie the side ropes to. For knot tiers out there, Ashley's stopper knots were used in the inside of the gong and a buntline hitch used to attach the side ropes to a mini carabiner. A small piece of black pond tubing is placed over the top rope to prevent abrasion to the rope itself.

Gong in situ: (On a rare rainy day)

 Closeup of gong:
Detail of hammered paint: