Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dog House Swamp Cooler

Since the dog house wasn't luxurious enough, I added a swamp cooler.  I got the smallest swamp cooler you can buy (a window unit) and removed the controls and section that goes into a window and modified it to go into the dog house.

Cazie & Fringe enjoying the cool dog house:
     Eventually I will build a trellis in front of the swamp cooler. It will go up and then angle over the cooler to the wall of the house. I'll plant an evergreen vine to grow up the trellis to hide the swamp cooler and electrical box from view.
 Electrical box for outlet & control:
     Although not in the picture, a timer and conduit was added later when swamp cooler installed. I was able to pull wire from the other side of the wall during the bar area remodel (future post). I also tapped into the water line and installed another faucet and valve for the water line to the swamp cooler (not shown).

 Concrete pad for swamp cooler support:
     Unframed corner due to solid bedrock that wouldn't break up.
 Masonry posts to support swamp cooler at proper height:
     The blocks were topped with saltillo tile and then two redwood 1x2's used to support the cooler up off the tile.
 Modified swamp cooler outlet with Fringe for scale:

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things they are a changing

I haven't posted in quite awhile but several long term projects are on going or just recently finished. My general policy is to only post finished projects so it has been a long hiatus. I may have to break my fully completed project rule to post.

Stay tuned stuff is coming...

In the meantime please feel free to entertain yourself at my photography website: