Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dog House Floor Insulation

This should have been posted last December but the bathroom remodel took over.

This year I glued rigid insulation to the underside of sheathing to provide insulation from the cold tile floor of the dog house in the winter. The unit is in two pieces so it can be removed through the doorway when the dog house is prepared for the heat. A furniture blanket provides bedding. Fringe doesn't spend the night outside so this is just used when I'm not home.
In the past I just covered the floor with a thick bed of wood chips. The problem is they stick to Fringe like a magnet and then the house has wood chips all over the floor. Fringe also just had a surgery on here third eyelid so I didn't want any chip or dust getting into her eye.

The dog house with removable door, threshold and insulated floor:

For more details on this fabulous dog house see previous posts about it.

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