Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hall Bathroom Remodel In Progress - behind the walls

I thought I would post the pictures taken during the hall bathroom remodel to show some the tear out, framing and plumbing.

  • Sink Valves - 

  •  Shower/Tub plumbing -

Injury: When I was holding up one of the sink valves by the bottom edge to measure the pipe sections needed when the valve rotated and the valve stem hit me right on the forhead drawing blood and leaving a nice big bump.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hall bathroom remodel conceptual design & before pictures

I have ripped out everything in the hall bathroom and I'm now ready to begin construction to build my new bathroom design. Here is the conceptual design and the items I bought for the bathroom.

Conceptual Design (click to enlarge):

New purchases (click to enlarge):
It is generally my policy not to post the before pictures until the entire project is finished so I can post them along with the after pictures. Since this project will take a while I made an exception.

The old 1980 bathroom - lumpy tile with hand painted humming birds and bougainvillea, gold fixtures, and an old toilet (the candles were left by previous owners). No one who has ever seen the bathroom in person likes it and they understand why I wanted to redo it.

I saved the above 3 tiles. The old original saltillo tile is an inch thick so until I replace the rest of the floor tile in the house there will be a drop down into the bathroom.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Tree for the Dog Yard

I added a thornless chilean mesquite to the dog yard. Ultimately once it and the desert willow get big to match the existing mesquite the dog yard should have lots of canopy shade. I ended up paying the nursery guy to come out and dig the hole because my lower back was sore from jack hammering and shoveling trying to dig and Bob agreed to help but at his pace it might not be planted until December.
Fringe and Jackhammer added for scale. You can see the pile of rocks that was jack hammered out. There is another pile of rocks outside the field-of-view (FOV).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Foyer Light

I replaced the foyer light with a Minka Lavery Raiden 31" bowl pendant.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old bath mirror turned into a massive floor mirror

The old 48"x30" frame-less mirror that was in the upstairs bath prior to the remodel has been recycled into a massive floor mirror.
All it took was two 2x6x8ft framing grade douglas fir and one 3/8" x 6"x24" craft pine board for use at the corners. I already had the 1/4" luan to back and hold the mirror in place and the finishing materials. When it was finished I put two rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping and two felt dots on the upper back to prevent it from marring the wall. This was a simple project only requiring a compound mitre saw and a table saw (oops I forgot the pneumatic nailer & stapler). The recesses for the mirror and back were made with the table saw (Didn't even have to use my router on this project).

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I previously posted a picture of the office area as part of the upstairs floor remodel, but that didn't include the finished office - all desks, chairs, new computer I built with monster dual 26" monitors, and the slide out shelf I just made for my scanner. I spend the majority of my time upstairs at my desk. I can watch TV and do computer stuff all with fantastic views out of the windows.

I got a smoking deal on the customized Herman Miller Mira chairs. They ended up cheaper than getting plain black ones online because the woman at the office supply store gave me the interior designers discount on the first one so they honored that same price when I ordered a second one months later. I like them better than the Aero chair and I have a friend who has both and he also prefers the Mira chair - It is comfortable but less complicated than the Aero.Dual 26 inchers and I'm ready to roll. Building a new computer and the new monitors was a birthday present to myself. Jim added the new scanner and web cam.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Removed another door and closet frame

I removed the other door and frame for the upstairs extra room. (Last post shows the French doors I removed.) I had previously removed the gold mirrored doors from the closet. Now I removed the remaining door frame. This is my office closet and I don't necessarily care to have doors but if I do decide to cover the closet opening I may do contemporary patterned curtains or doors. I would be more hesitant to do doors for the closet at this time because eventually I want to replace the other doors in the house and they should be the same contemporary style and finish.

It annoys me that the colors are never true. The upper blue is better but this lower picture makes it look like a bright blue.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Upstairs French Doors Removed

I removed the upstairs French doors to open up the space. In a little over 2 years I have never used them and they were just in the way.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kitchen Island Bar Lights

The lights for above the kitchen island bar finally came in to replace the track lights. They are Besa pendant lights. The globes are brown tan when turned off and amber when turned on.




Picture of some of the red-spotted toads I'm rearing in the fountain. I have to ensure the survival of my toads so I'll have them calling at night.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fireplace Column Mounted TV

I mounted a Samsung 37" LCD TV on the side of the firplace column that faces the kitchen and recliner sitting area. It is on a cantilever arm mount so it can be pulled out from the wall and turned to face the kitchen or the recliners directly. I built the floating shelf below it to hold a Mac Mini so we can use it as a computer monitor. The black cable danging on the right goes to an external hard drive I attached to the USB port temporarily when I was watching a movie (forgot to remove it before the picture). I can play mpeg 4 movies directly from a USB drive (Pretty cool since I had already converted several movies to MP4 to play on the iPhone). The slideshows off of USB drives are also nice - who needs a tiny digital picture frame now!

(The screen is displaying Jim's Mathematica website stuff from the Mac Mini.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Ceiling Light

I replaced the old black and gold ugly light with a new bronze light. The lights shine on the back of the fireplace column and the dining area.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exterior Lighting

With the exception of the exterior garage light all of the outside lights were basic light sockets covered with southwest kitsch metal sconces. I wanted more contemporary lights that would take fluorescent bulbs.

Old Exterior Lights:
Front Door & Garage - Random Southwest pattern and a light with tiny bulbs that doesn't really put out any light.

Ramada West & East - Saguaro cactus and sun and the same random southwest design

Sliding Doors: Front & Kitchen - Gamble's quail and jack rabbit with pricky pear cactus

Back Door - lizard and prickly pear cactus

New Exterior Lights:
Garage -

The remaining lights are the same just different sizes. The front door and ramada column lights are larger than the 2 sliding door and back door lights.