Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vines on new trellises

New vines on the welded trellises:

Welded Trellises

I welded steel trellises for the outside kitchen flower bed wall and several columns. I gave the trellises an acid treatment to pre-rust.

Wall before:

Welded Trellises:

Front Flower Bed Irrigaton Redo

I also redid the irrigation lines along the front wall flower bed.

Kitchen Area Flower Bed Irrigation Redo

The old black tubing irrigation was clogged, crushed, chewed, etc and was non functional. I replaced the irrigation system with rigid 1/2" PVC with standoffs to add irrigation heads. The  rigid PVC prevents animals from chewing into the pipes for water.

Replaced old upstairs ceiling fans and lights

I replaced all three upstairs  ceiling fans and lights with newer brushed steel and mahogany colored fan blades  and used LED bulbs.


New with LED bulbs and mini bulb and fan chain ends:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Package Barrel

The steep part of the driveway became so eroded the USPS truck couldn't make it up and wouldn't deliver packages. My solution was to build a package barrel from and old 55 gallon drom. I cut the end off and sanded the rough edge. I attached two  metal posts to the bottom and drilled a few drainage holes incase rain got inside. I also put a stainless steel baking cooling rack from IKEA on the bottom to raise the packages up in case there is a little water inside. This has and will continue to served me well until the driveway is repaired. USPS, UPS, FedEx and Ontrac all know to leave packages here.
Jaypeg is providing scale.

Monday, August 22, 2016

In Wall Playmobil Display Case

I used the wall void space on a wall that was in a path way upstairs to create a Palymobil display case with sliding glass doors and LED lighting.

Wall void openings:

Between the two sections was two 2x4's that were separated. I eventually opened smaller individual openings for the center. Also because of the extra stud teh two main openings are not the same width.

Building the case:

Final Display case with lighting:
 The LED lights are RGB plus white and there is a wall mounted controller.

Playmobil vinyl cutout stickers:

Playmobil Figures:
Playmobil are a German toy that was my favorite toy when I was young. They are still made in Germany today.

If you want to see galleries of photos I have taken using some of my various Playmobil  check out my photography website:

I have a huge list of staged photo ideas for all of my playmobils. I just don't have the time to get them all done.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New pots and plants (March 2016)

I made the triangular stair space by the dog yard gate into a flower bed by building the block walls.
I planted a Mexican key lime tree and ice plant around its base.

On top of the columns flanking the dog yard gate I planted Perry's agave in large pots.

The triangular flower bed located in side the dog yard was planted with a pomegranate tree and purple heart for the ground cover.

On top of the wall at the main front gate entrance I potted a blue agave in a very large low pot.

Hanging Platform Bird Feeder

I wanted to build a hanging platform bird feeder so I purchased some scrap metal.

I designed the size of the feeder based on the size of the scrap perforated aluminum I found for teh bottom. The perforations will allow moisture to drain.

Metal pieces:

Frame assembly:

Finding balance point :

Finished and painted feeder:

Removable aluminum perforated floor and Jaypeg:

Finished hanging platform birdfeeder:

Outside Ramada Fan Replacements

The three old outside ramada fans were so old and rusted that two had completely seized and did not function. They were replaced with ones that take standard LED bulbs.