Sunday, August 1, 2010

IP Camera

I installed a 2MP Vivotek IP7367 day/night security camera. It is attached to a Synology DiskStation and I can view the live feed through an iPhone application (or the web). At night it records bats flying around. They are probably after the insects attracted by the IR LEDs.

Pictures of the camera:

New Kitchen Appliances

In March I finally got around to replacing the old yellow double wall oven and in the process also replaced the refrigerator and dishwasher. The new double wall oven and dishwasher are by BOSCH and the french door refrigerator is by Samsung. At some point I want to replace the Kitchen Aid glass cooktop on the island with a Bosch induction cooktop. I also got a new GE microwave for above the oven. As usual I installed everything myself and had to do a little carpentry and electrical work in the wall oven and microwave area.

As an aside, I recently purchased a Blendtec blender. This blender is awesome and allows you to make smoothies with a push of a button for the smoothie cycle. You don't have to stop and stir which was a frustrating pain with my old blender when it would freeze up. The Blendtec blender is the blender they use for the "Will it Blend" videos:

I failed to take before pictures highlighting the appliances, particularly the wall oven.
Imagine a late 70's yellow enamel double wall oven with analog dials and clock.
Here is a segment of an old picture showing part of it.
     GE microwave and Bosch double wall oven
      Samsung refrigerator
      Bosch dishwasher