Saturday, February 18, 2012

USB Port Wall Outlet

With everyone having iPhone's, iPad's, iPod's and anything else that can be charged through USB, it is surprising that built in USB outlets are not more common. You can only find these online.

I installed two USB charging outlets that are the size of a standard GFCI outlet and fit in a standard size box (some other options for USB wall chargers require oversized boxes). It contains one regular electrical outlet and two USB ports. A green LED is on when a USB device is charging.

  • Manufacturer: Cooper Wiring Devices
  • Description: Combination Receptacle/USB Charger
  • Model: TR7740BK-BOX  (BK = black one - but also comes in white, almond, light almond, ivory, and black)
I have tested the USB outlets and have successfully charged both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2.
USB Charging outlet on kitchen island.

New Heat Pump for East Side of House

The old heat pump that serves the east side of the house was finally replaced. The new heat pump is a TraneXL 16C unit. Specs: 3 Ton, 16.4 Seer and 9.0 Heating Performance (Most efficient you can get).

Crane Leveling:

Hooking up the Rigging:

Up Up and Away: Up and over to the back of the house.

The New Unit: