Monday, August 22, 2016

In Wall Playmobil Display Case

I used the wall void space on a wall that was in a path way upstairs to create a Palymobil display case with sliding glass doors and LED lighting.

Wall void openings:

Between the two sections was two 2x4's that were separated. I eventually opened smaller individual openings for the center. Also because of the extra stud teh two main openings are not the same width.

Building the case:

Final Display case with lighting:
 The LED lights are RGB plus white and there is a wall mounted controller.

Playmobil vinyl cutout stickers:

Playmobil Figures:
Playmobil are a German toy that was my favorite toy when I was young. They are still made in Germany today.

If you want to see galleries of photos I have taken using some of my various Playmobil  check out my photography website:

I have a huge list of staged photo ideas for all of my playmobils. I just don't have the time to get them all done.

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